The big day is months away but everything has to be right. Catering, invitations, seating plan, bridesmaids and their bridal tights, the after party, that's everything isn't it? "Oh no, what about me!?!" It's easy to forget yourself when you have to think of everybody else and how they might feel on YOUR wedding day.

You will change your wedding dress three times, dump the veil, wear the veil, go for garter, change something old several times and keep trying to be clever with something blue, borrowed and trial walking with a £5 coin in your shoe. Sixpence - a bit cheap isn't it!?!
Thankfully this is a one off day as you can't be running your life like this for the remainder. One thing many brides forget about, especially when wearing a long wedding dress is bridal tights. Chucking on any pair of tights or stockings in the last minute simply won't do.
Depending on your level of shyness, it's quite possible you're a virgin bride and have been kept inside a tower all your life until the big day - then the Bridal tights may be white, conservative and reserved and a more contained bridal stocking.
Such as the very elegant and 15 denier Couture Soft and Sheer Lace Top Bridal Tights that has a 18cm deep lace top which is strictly Groom's eyes only. With a sheer leg and Sheer to Lace Body Construction, they also have a reinforced toe for additional comfort and strength.
But not all brides are white as snow and at some point have had a visit from the naughty team at Devils R Us. Most brides didn't get to walk up the aisle without hearing some naughty words, being spanked a little before bedtime or being made to blush after a nice evening out, being treated like the kinky princess she really is.
In this situation, whether long dress or short wedding dress you can have as much fun as a girl should wish to. For a turn on bright white bridal tights, why not give the Leg Avenue Floral Bridal Tights a run for their money. With a sheer floral diamond pattern you'll be the talk of the village should you flash your calves on the day.
If you can't risk the Mother In Law going on the war path, a less decorative pair of bridal tights might go down better. Especially with wedding dresses that show your legs more. For those that have a Tulle, Satin and Lace transparent skirting, the Leg Avenue Micro Fishnet Bridal Hold Ups would certainly be a perfect match, low denier and a patterned deep lace top.
If you're a lady that is getting married but doesn't become the wife, has her wits about her and will be more boss than bossed then you'll probably add a little personality to bridal tights. It's a way of appearing all nice and delicate on the inside but but knowing that at any time you can flash your wares to make all know who really makes decisions in your new world.
The Two Tone Fishnet Bridal Tights by Leg Avenue have a Contrast Backseam which if flaunted will make the Mother In Law gasp. Th Father In Law might well lose his breath also. White is right for the Wedding Day but if white bridal tights don't quite ring that bell, you could always add a little red if you want to. It is YOUR day after all!