The earliest known corset was discovered 2000 years before the Romans started recording time. Some 3800 years later the European elite and indeed the British, decided squeezing men and women into corsets was both attractive and glamorous.

The main reason for corsets catching on again was to attain a flat stomach. They obviously hadn't heard that digesting cherries would assist with eating away fat around the waist. The beautiful thing about corsets are they didn't need to be noticed. Fulfilling their job specification while hidden under other garments.

Today the same claim for a flat stomach ring true. However, with modern 21st century women not too shy about their dress decision, many wear corsets as a style rather than a hidden aid to slimming perception and perfection. Are expensive corsets really that sought after though?

Game Of Thrones And Downtown Abbey See Corset Sales SpikeThe answer is yes. Through the medium of television and cinematic films, the very persuasive public have been hit by corset fever. Whether it is Steampunk clothing featured in Will Smith's Wild Wild West or period dramas such as Downtown Abbey and the sci-fi based Game Of Thrones, the love in with corsets has exploded worldwide.

So much so in fact that global sales for a wide variety of Overbust corsets, Underbust Corsets, leather, vintage and burlesque corsets have increased across the board. It is certainly fair to say that these television series do promote these tailored items very well.

Often scenes depict beautiful ladies all compressed and happy in their regimes, suddenly taken by a ravenous man after being seduced. In most cases, the reason the man was attracted to the woman in the first place was the corset itself. What other reason could there be?

There is one thing to note however, especially when reading celebrity comments about the corsets they wear on set. Jessica Brown Findlay who played Lady Sybil Crawley in Downtown Abbey once screamed "Urgh — I ****ing hate corsets!" Some reporters allude to the fact there may have been discomfort but the main issue for Jessica was the continued connection to Downtown which she had become famous for - she has done other shows...

Historically, yes certain periods of corsetry were uncomfortable, most notably those of the Edwardian periods but the 19th Century corsets offered tremendous back support as well as a comfortable fitting. The key here is, the mention of fitting. You can't just put on any old corset and expect it to work. You should be sized for them instead.

Another celeb, Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones fame has also stated she never wanted to wear corsets again but still took the part in The Scandalous Lady W which required yet more corset dressing up. While corsets are trendy due to television shows and sexy cast members, be sure that you are comfortable in the corsets you buy. This is no long no pain no gain territory, corsets are as much for pleasure as they are for a flat stomach.