Mention corsets and many ladies would gasp if you advised them they could wear them out and about of a night in clubs and at fancy gatherings. At Legs 11 we often promote Burlesque Corsets as Steampunk fashion. We do however realise that there are exceptions. This one comes in the form of Jane Woolrich corsets.

If you haven't heard of Jane Woolrich it's not because her work is unknown, in fact her designs have probably been worn by you in the past or at the very least been flattered and copied by another erotic lingerie retailer. As much as there is Italian Hosiery there is a vein of English Romance lingerie too.

Jane Woolrich Corsets For The Come To Bed All Night Effect

Jane was one of the very first designers to happen upon a forthcoming trend and that of erotic lingerie aimed at those willing to spend a few more quid in the bedroom - and we're not talking designer quilts. But fancy knickers, naughty tights and this is the main reason why Jane Woolrich corsets are mostly for bedroom eyes only.

Her background is in nightwear and lingerie and naturally the corsets from Jane Woolrich follow through that design process to form an additional bedroom related collection. That's 25 years of excelling in night time lingerie, brought to bear within Jane Woolrich corsetry to maximise the viewing pleasure and comfort when up close and personal with one's partner.

At Legs 11 hosiery we invite you to take a journey into the relative unknown and imagine a scene whereby you are tasked with surprising your other half. Having mysteriously disappeared upstairs at the end of Coronation Street, instead of slipping into the usual red panties and white negligee, why not mix up suspender belt, hold ups and a Lace overbust corset or pleated silk corset instead?

Jane Woolrich Corsets Aubergine with Black Lace NightdressEvery relationship needs a little spicing up now and again, a Jane Woolrich corset adds a little of that much needed top up without risking your well developed shy persona. Instead you are offering a new side, that ability a woman has to change her look for more amorous reasons or occasions. Without a doubt flaunting your assets will prove fruitful thanks to your inventiveness.

The key parts to look out for when dressing for the bedroom, is not always devilish colouring and scantily clad materials that are more see through than a glass window and easily removed. If there is one thing that Jane has come to understand over the years, is that teasing is essential in the bedroom.

Lace ties, silk frills and flower detailing. View several of our most popular Pleated Liberty Print Cotton Corsets, Pleated Silk Corset and Aubergine with Black Lace Nightdress incorporating a very dark red Jane Woolrich Corsetry at the heart. All are made to measure corsets. Discover a new you and work in overbust, underbust and bridal corsets for your next bedroom encounter.