Hold up, wait a minute, is that a leopard that just crossed the street? Walk down the Kings Road in Chelsea any time of the year and you will witness wondrous wild life wondering around in designer led fashion. Seemingly leopard print tights and leopard pattern hold ups never go off trend.

Survivor sung about the eye of the tiger, Esso joined in and that 80's American series Manamal made animals such as pumas the sexiest to replicate. We have worn animal furs for centuries though more faux than real in the modern day, and they bring out the wild in all of of us. Either as the wearer or the viewer. Bare naked instinct is hard to deny.

Leopard Pattern Print Tights And Hold Ups

While tattoo tights are all the rage this season, you can still put the wild cat amongst the pigeons this summer and roar your way to sexy success. A woman that wears these Leopard pattern tights is making a very open statement. Beware the woman within this delicate fabric for sure she is playful but at the same time quite the dangerous cat.

For the pur-fect ensemble why not complete that conservative blouse and short tight shorts outfit with Leopard Print Overknee Socks. Not only does the design make you feel wild but with overknee in place, there's that gap of bare skin between skirt / shorts and socks that sends others wild too.

For a similar look but with a lot less patterning, give the Leopard Top Hold Ups from Leg Avenue a twirl. Fashioned in black, the rim of the hold ups is all Leopard print once again giving the passer by or observer the instinctive notion that within your cat like demure, there is a wild inner self to be toyed with.

Leopard Top Fishnet Hold UpsThe more opaque Leopard Top Fishnet Hold Ups are certainly a more daring composition putting more leg on view. As are the Leopard Net Tights. While these designs are black and white, blondes and brunettes may wish to maximise styling with some carefully selected brown Leopard pattern hold ups.

The rather cheap Leopard Print Tights are probably by far the most stylish out of all the Leopard print leggings. Smaller in pattern and design they stretch all the way from tow to bum. Though we can offer you wider and larger circles of colouring in the seamless and footless leggings.

Come take a walk on the wild side with Legs 11's most popular animal print tights. From brands such as Leg Avenue and Liveco Corseti, you may well be hunted by many a gamesman once your pull these Leopard print tights on but you can always sprint away... should you really wish to.