London Fashion week Legs

Classic and contemporary styles were merged together in LFW and hence, you got to see many different legwear styles being sported throughout the week.

Michael Van der Han brought back the basics by dressing his models with black sheer tights. Giles however went for patterns in a subtle way by dressing his models in Oroblu Adelle Tights with black dots, which is one of the top trends of the season. The delicate ribbed pattern tights were also showcased by designer Jasper Garvida.

Then we also saw the fishnet tights that seemed to be one of the most original styles by Vivienne Westwood Red Label. These fishnet stockings don’t only look edgy, but are a timeless accessory. Over the knee boots were replaced by over the knee socks during LFW 2015 which was showcased by two designers, Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Paul Costelloe who paired them with ankle boots for an edgy and modern look. The ankle socks were also brought back, with colour coordinating the socks with the outfit to add a contemporary twist.

So the main legwear trends that stood out at the fashion week incorporated all of these looks as well as the favourite look for many which included the one by Costelloe, where we saw the gorgeous berry opaque coloured tights being played with the outfits. They stood out and worked well with the clothing. We also saw colours like Burgundy, forest greens and deep violets which will be the colours to wear this season. With Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights, you can recreate these looks at home and sport the styles showcased at LFW 2015.

If you want to add rock-style glamour to your closet, go for the style showcased by Huisghan Zhang, who included a collection of stunning wet look tights into her designs. She kept it classic by adorning her models in black where they teamed their glossy legwear with dresses and heels for a glamorous, edgy look which is perfect for evening wear.

So for all the fans of hosiery out there, LFW 2015 provides all the inspiration and trends to keep up with legwear styles of the season.