There's no mistaking that hosiery is one affair that a woman is permitted during her relationship with their partner. A piece of clothing that is but isn't quite material. A feature of enjoyment and pleasure for both the wearer and the observer in the room.

We take a brief look at some naughty hold ups and wetlook thigh highs that are sure to get the heart racing. Hold ups by their very nature keep the rest of the tights held up and in position for the majority of the day. But that's not their only feature. Thanks to that tightly contested band on the upper rim, there's a fantastic opportunity to tinker with the taught top.

Tights look sexy no matter their style or colour, however none of us can escape the temptation of a carefully placed bow, frill or band of patterned material. Before we get to the most extreme of sexy hold ups, let's take a gander at some truly naughty holds up that can cause a stir just by being glimpsed by a third party.

Naughty Hold Ups And Wetlook Thigh Highs

That moment where a bend too far or accidental skirt raise makes the Mother In Law gasp and the Office Boy stand to attention. It takes a certain element of faith in your own body to choose red for the bed-room but if you can pull it off, you're on the path to naughtiness and no amount of Hail Marys will save you. Take a peek at the Leg Avenue Sheer Hold Ups with Ruffle Top and that's not the only feather you're be ruffling of a night time.

Also in bright red are the very skimpy Stockings with Chiffon Lace & Sequin styled rim, offering a black band instead of pink. If these are too red, then you can go for a more girly option and opt for that nineteen year old feel. If anything speaks youth it's polka dots and bow ties and you get tonnes of those with the Thigh Highs With Dots & Mini Bows. Red dots on white thigh highs with two red bows on each leg.

For a final alternative and if you prefer black and a dark sense of purpose, there's the Skull Applique Thigh Highs or Leopard Top Hold Ups from Leg Avenue. White, red, black, polka dots and bows all work well as sexy hold ups for that all important downtime in the bedroom at the end of a hard working day.

Coquette Wet Look Thigh HighsSaving the best for last. If you can't quite afford the luxury of thigh high leather boots and find overall leather costumes far too restrictive. There is one other option, Coquette Wet Look Thigh Highs which are coated in polyurethane. Smooth to touch, stretchy like spandex and having a rubber look they are the Catholic girl's ultimate sin of sins. We love 'em.

Whether it's Summer or Winter there is always room to make time for dressing up in the bedroom. While hold ups don't tend to hold up much when it comes to affection, there's a certain skill in wearing naughty hold ups and offering a teasing element to the pre foreplay game.

As for Wetlook thigh highs, I can assure you, putting a pair of these on will make your observer thigh high and give you a wet look.