Having graduated from De Montfort University Nicole only had one dream, of starting a boutique lingerie brand and getting her items on women across the globe. It's not an easy task for any graduate to set up business in such a competitive world as hosiery and lingerie.
Indeed, there are hundreds of thousands of students that leave their place of education seeking to operate in similar fields. Being chosen by existing lingerie brands or designing your own such as these Nicole Gill corsets and getting retailers to stock them is no mean feat.
But that's exactly what Nicole did and her designs are very much along the lines of vintage corsets but not the dark classic designs from Italy that are so prevalent in the market. Instead Nicole Gill corsets are much brighter, innocent and enticing and certainly make for a different approach to the corsetry market.
The heavenly whites and creams that can be witnessed in the Jodie-Rose Underbust Corset only go on to extenuate the beauty of even your average looking English Rose. Pale white skin with daunting freckles can live lavishly in the Nicole Gill corsets. Often they can be worn as underwear in the bedroom or as outerwear garments.
French history shows through with a lot of her designs, in-particular the 1840's with the Charlotte Overbust Corset and its delicate pink overtones and silvery polka dot frontage and skirty frills. Though Nicole does offer darker elements that are still offset by her Snow White fairy tale story.
The flowery and bow tied effects within the Belle Lace Overlay Corset take the wearer back to the late 19th Century when France was succumbing to its more gentile future. All of these elegant Nicole Gill corsets have at their heart, two to five metres of steel boning which cinch in the waist by 3-4 inches.
If you browse through our catalogue of steel boned corsets you will notice that Nicole Gill corsets certainly stand out. While vintage French, she is  a British designer who is inherently English at heart, despite her French leanings - our two societies have been merged so efficiently by past Royalists that there is little to differ in language and style these days.
For a slight change in bedroom attire and to become an English Rose or French royalty overnight, dressing up in a Nicole Gill corset will certainly be a delightful experience. Not just for you, but any admirers that happen to walking past your open bedroom door at night. Should you dare, you can also wear the luxury corsets to parties and events too.