With high end clothing designers showcasing next season's wares on the world's finest fashion cat walks, we noticed one particular trend that is about to wipe the floor in the hosiery department. And it's tattoos. Why get inked when you can wear a tattoo body stocking instead?

One of the most talked about displays at Milan Fashion Week was the tribalistic body suits from twins Dean and Dan Caten of DSQUARED2. They paraded several near naked men wearing only a tattoo printed tulle body suit and a pair of briefs.

On Trend Opaque Tattoo Tights At Milan Fashion Week
The result was a fantastic walkabout of what could only be described as a traditional and tribal glamour showing of years of investment in tattoo art. From Aborigine to Indians and South American tribes, centuries of inking was brought to the fore in one go.

Though this is fashion for men and the physique required will most definitely be only sported on the beach by the fittest, most sporty, surfer type. This showing will undoubtedly lead to a widespread envision and re-imagining of the entire opaque tattoo tights sector. The ensemble was later adjusted to form part of an outfit rather than a sole clothing option.

Opaque Tattoo TightsMixing the tattoo body suit with that of an amalgamation of shorts, tops and jackets with only legs and arms and partial upper body visibility. The result however was astounding and we are sure retailers will follow this design process and present women with a wider array of tribal opaque tattoo tights in the near future.

The tattoo design of course isn't a new concept, we have stocked Silky Tattoo Monochrome Printed Tights, Silky Tattoo Ying Printed Tights and Opaque Tattoo Tights for years. If you understand how fashion weeks have an effect on designers and buyers at retailers across the world, you'll know that Milan Fashion Week is only the tip of the departing tattoo tights iceberg.

While women can enjoy wearing tights for comfort and a cooler fabric for Summer time, Men may well have to enter a brave new world before they can get away with wearing tattoo body stockings down the local boozer. So ladies, think only of yourself and get on trend this Summer and on your Autumn holiday abroad and join hands (and feet) with our wide variety of printed and opaque tattoo tights at Legs 11.