Every retailer and clothing designer pretty much follows the Catwalk season and who are we to be different? In the world of fashion, darling, the Catwalk is the prelude to a season which is three to six months away. It puts everyone on advance notice. Now we're putting you on notice that pink suspender belts are on trend.

The majority of people cannot afford the expensive materials and personal attention and services of the world's most famous designers. But clothing manufacturers and retailers most definitely take the lead from them and replicate their designs as close as possible for their own shops and customers.

Pink Suspender Belts Are The Next Fashion Trend
While all and sundry talk about this season's colour being the new black. Pink is seemingly the new black, or red or blue. Pink is in, not merely from the finery displayed on models this Spring and Summer but the whole entourage and stage dressage has been pink also. Which is why we think a little pink in your outfit that is hidden in the form of pink suspender belts may well make you the Queen of your own catwalk this year.

From the latest Paris fashion week with Autumn / Winter haute couture collections from Schiaparelli, Armani, Valli and Versace, pink has been the tone or at least matching vibrancy across the world. New York and London have been really integrating the colour pink at every level too.

For a designer, pink can be obvious and boring, it's sexual, it's the colour of our lips and our favourite lipsticks. We heighten our tastes of summer and a new Spring by making ourselves look the hottest and sexiest women on the planet with 50 shades of red. So do we really need more pink?

It is an out there colour but if what if it wasn't used in such a flamboyant manner? We don't all have to dress like those Paris catwalk models flaunting the latest Chenille tops with bright pink feathers and plumes. But what if out there, was under there instead?

Nylon Dreams Polka Dot GirdlePerk up your office attire a little bit and sneak those pink suspender belts underneath your skirt for a surprise flash. While the Demetria Lace Suspender Belt is a little racy for the business environment, others may only get to glimpse the 4 pink straps of the suspender belt and not the frilly cloth above.

You can be pretty in pink and play within the rules while knowing you're actually being a naughty little girl. And at the same time you could make taught your nether region with the assistance of a Nylon Dreams Vintage Style Polka Dot Girdle that keeps your waist and bum firm and supported while wiggling that ass in front of your colleagues.

Pink is most certainly going to be the colour come the end of the Summer. This will probably be the hottest year on European world records. Why not set the standard going into Autumn and tease some more heat out of the remaining days by plumping for a pair of rather raucous and out there, discreet 'under there' pink suspender belts. Browse our range.