You may see Silky used quite a bit on Legs Eleven but often this isn't the description of the tights or stockings, though this is probably the case. Silky Stockings are a well known brand and manufacturer of hosiery that are more about fashion statement than just being throw on intimates.
Silky started out in 1997 and is now one of many brands, such as Cindy and Joanna Gray, that supplies Silky fishnet stockings and dangerously alluring stockings for any event or occasion. When you define a brand as silky, you pretty much have to be silky when it comes to what you produce.
Let's have a look at several Silky stockings and see which you should perhaps try first. If you're a fan of the backseam - who isn't, men included - take a look at the two pairs of 15 denier in the Silky Scarlet Seamer Backseam Stockings range. With Cuban heel, one has a knitted top, the other a Lace top with silicone.
These dreamy dark black toned Silky stockings are on the edge of desire, the backseam ensuring all eyes are on you - well your legs at least. If you wish to be really evocative and start World War 3, you couldn't be more obvious than when trying on a pair of Silky Fishnet Stockings with back seam. With Fishnet and backseam in one, you may as well be dating Roger Rabbit.
As far as office culture goes, fishnets and backseams are usually regarded as out of bounds. But to be honest, these fishnets have such closely held structure that they are difficult to tell apart from tights. Even in a close environment you could probably deny you're even wearing Silky fishnet stockings.
If Silky stockings wasn't enough, they've only gone and brought out Silky Smooth stockings now too. We currently have two in this style, a vintage Matt leg finish in the Silky Smooth Knit Seamer Stockings and a more classic 15 denier Silky Smooth Knit Stockings which is without backseam and doesn't have such a detailed band at the top.
If you want Silky, to feel Silky and to look Silky, then there's only really one brand to choose. Silky tights. their fishnets, stockings and tights are sophistication and fashion house hosiery that you have come to expect from such a manufacturer as Legwear International and names such as Couture, Cindy and Joanna Gray.