Trasparenze Bangkok Tights For A Walk On The Wild Side Fashion tights are a somewhat newish design within hosiery in that the manufacturing process enables more play with fabrics today than ever before. While the punks of the 1970's may have pretty much kicked off the whole style, you can get any number of fashion tights to match your party wear.


You may find it difficult to come up with an event for these fashion tights straight away and you may well need to look twice. These Trasparenze Bangkok Tights are truly unique in that the replicate the look of animal skin downboth your legs.


Forget shoes, skirts and hand bags now you can truly snap at style with these wild and out there tights. They are a air of 70 denier tights with a metallic finish, replicating both the feel and look of crocodile skin patterning without the croc croaking it.


Made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Lycra you will be warm in the winter while looking really wild on the streets of London. The amazing pattern within the Trasparenze Bangkok Tights


These Tights have a silvery finish and is the epitome of funky fashion tights. Discreet but more than fits the bill of party wear and will turn heads when you strut your stuff on the dance floor under all that strobe lighting.


What's more, we've discounted the range for a limited time so get them now while they're cheaper. See your order in a while? Crocodile!