Being British and an impressionable child in the 1980's and later a teenager in the early 1990s I must admit to having a certain love in with Italian clothing. That and Channel Four. For if any channel was gong to show case how our European friends on the continent dressed and got undressed it was via foreign language films which were the bastion of Channel 4 programming.

Although the films came with subtitles - the pictures didn't always need such assistance, they were a little racy and shown after the 9pm watershed, not until Channel 5 came along was Italian fashion and similar sexy Trasparenze Tights brought to the attention of the British viewing public. Slowly but surely Britain was being reacquainted with sexy Italian tights and hosiery.

Trasparenze Tights And Hold Ups Italian Hosiery History
This period wasn't the first time Italian hosiery has breached our borders but I'm very sure Channel Four assisted in the influx. While the 1960's and 1970's was all about home grown fashionistas, the 1980's was akin to World War II with men sending similarly continental feel Trasparenze hold ups back home to their wives and girlfriends where such materials were a little hard to come by. Although the visiting US Army brought their fair share of rations too.

If we go further back in history we can understand why the region is so heavily connected to lingerie and why as a Brit the Italian hosiery makes us as feverish as the first introduction of the French kiss. Men more akin to Robin Hood, not women, wore tights for over three centuries so like most outer feminine garments today, men envisioned them for themselves to wear in the first place.

Walk through Northern Italy today and you may be surprised to find a great many men wearing so called Mantyhose - a version of Trasparenze Tights but for men instead. Milan Fashion Week recently highlighted the resurgent tattoo body stocking for men too. Will all men be doing a David Beckham before the century is out I wonder?

Trasparenze Honolulu Mock Stocking TightsNow if you haven't yet realised by the tone of this article, I'm male. Being one, I presume that women are wearing Italian hosiery and Trasparenze hold ups for me alone. Sexy, evocative and surprisingly easy on the eye. I might tend to forget that they make you feel good good, are comfortable and protect in many different weathers.

As with many Italian brands, they get many of their designs spot on. Take for instance the Auckland Trasparenze Suspender Tights. They are hold ups, a suspender belt and tights all in one, thanks to the well managed design. No doubt affording protection and comfort on a windy day and an easier pull on for the early working day.

From Valentina Hold Ups to IL Cairo Hold Ups and colourful trimmed Rosy Red hold ups, Jessy backseam stockings and Honolulu Mock Stocking Tights I am forever thankful for not only Trasparenze hosiery, tights and hold ups... But for Channel 4 also. For introducing sexy Italian film stars wearing sexy Italian tights and making my stroll down the Kings Road in London ever so more entertaining this Summer.