Vintage CorsetsThe ghoulish night of devilish fun is about to arrive and you'll no doubt be cutting up bedsheets, scraping out pumpkins and devising weaponry from your garden shed. For those with a bit more to spend you might hire out Halloween costumes or buy one. How's about a longer term investment in a Halloween vintage corset though?
Thanks to vampire films and those revamped westerns with a futuristic feel, not forgetting the sci-fi vixens who travel the universe in skimpy underwear, vintage corsets for Halloween have very much become an option. But do you need to have an outfit for just the one night or can it be re-used for other events?
Both social and party occasions call for a little imagination. Though dedicated followers of fashion such as yourself are not enamoured by having to wear an old bed sheet to the high societal Chelsea Halloween party. Even if it was labelled Gucci.
We have in stock a wide variety of Halloween vintage corsets that will fit the bill to a tee. You will then not only look the part but feel the part in a vintage corset that can be used time and time again. Having spent a few hundred sovs on a fancy corset you'll also be cream of the crop in the costume stakes. And this is very much a night for stakes and long knives.
Let's say you want to go to the party as a vampiress, of course you'll need to apply make up to get into character but thanks to Kate Beckinsale, you have many ways to suck the blood out of the party. Take for instance the Vintage 50s Overbust Corset, a very noble affair with red satin and a black cat print, you'll be the hottest vampire in town.
For a turn on Cruella DeVille or perhaps Morticia from the Addams Family, why not opt for the Sweetheart Corset with Lace over Satin. A brilliantly purple coloured lace and satin vintage corset that looks like death is your favourite occasion. Dark yet lively.
Some women like to celebrate their relationship with their long term husband by going as a dead bride. Perhaps mimicking the lifeless soul zapping feeling between the two of you and replicating the mood at the party. Why not go as a dead bride, but a very sexy one to make your husband mourn you proper with a white Pleated Silk Corset or a vintage Bridal Corset with pink edging.
Halloween vintage corsets are not a new idea, why attend a Halloween party looking like one of the zombie staff from Poundland when you can turn heads and behead, sick your teeth into a vintage corset for Halloween and kill the party off in style. Browse for your Halloween vintage corset fetish.