Up until a few years ago I had never heard of Steampunk. Thinking it was a form of music I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it refers to clothing. To bring your attention to Voller Burlesque corsets we simply had to merge the two together as cinema has pretty much done the same.

Steampunk is clothing that is associated with the age of industrialisation and the steam engine. It's a quirky niche that works well because many period films that are not accurate to history have merged the steam period with futuristic concepts, technology or visa versa.

Wear Voller Burlesque Corsets Anywhere - Steampunk Is In!

It's not a new concept either. For instance authors HG Wells and Jules Verne imagined worlds in their own time but with futuristic technology that would actually come to fruition. Though the time machine is yet to avail itself to the public eye. In Western society anything Wild West or related to the Victorian period that is merged in Sci Fi qualifies as Steampunk.

OK, so why the elaborate story to associate Steampunk with Voller Burlesque corsets? There is seemingly a fascination to link futuristic dramas such as Kate Beckinsale's Underworld and TV series such as Dr. Who, Andromeda and Farscape. The majority of which require the cast of characters to run around in skin tight clothing as if fabric is a limited resource.

If you take a gander at the variety of Voller Burlesque Corsets, you'll find that quite apart from those designed for the bedroom, you could actually wear them anywhere and for any event. That's the second reason for connecting Steampunk with Voller Burlesque Corsets.

Forest Green Voller Burlesque CorsetWhile tightly holding your bosom, providing cleavage, a flat stomach and in some instances an healthy (made to measure) hourglass figure, the results are a costume fit for any occasion. Steampunk, ladies, has arrived and is very on trend and with Voller burlesque corsetry you can match your outfits style with jeans, skirts or even shorts.

For a Wild West feel and a revolution in imported French burlesque dancers, the Ruched Burlesque Corset is a tidy navy tone and frilly edging could certainly be recommended. Or a more modern Texas look with the Black Leather Underbust Corset which is very much hoedown than the ho look offered by the poorer French cancan dancers.

Voller corsets are all about the squeeze most definitely, but a made to measure no pain all gain corset. They are made from the very finest silks and decadent fabrics, with detailed design woven into the material for a sturdy long lasting clothing accessory. View more Voller burlesque corsets here and experience the Steampunk genre.